Landmark Yacht Sales draws on years of experience successfully representing the sale of our clients’ yachts to make sure the process is managed in a way that puts us in the best position to accomplish the goals of each and every one of our clients.

Here are some of the ways our clients benefit from listing with Landmark Yacht Sales:

Accurate Market Information – A successful valuation is the basis for a successful sale, and we’ve got years of market experience to make sure that we’re pursuing the right strategy when it comes to value.

Quality Listings – The way your boat is portrayed in public listings is your first chance at a first impression. Our goal with each listing we represent is to provide accurate and detailed communication of value to potential buyers, which includes detailed descriptions of features and condition, excellent photography and/or video representation, proper MLS indexing for search efficiency, and more.

Accessibility of Information – In addition to a thorough marketing reach through our MLS and affiliate advertising, our brokers are available at all hours by email and/or phone, with mobile access to all listing-related files for instant sharing with interested buyers. We understand that an opportunity can be lost with poor availability or slow turnaround on information, so we work hard to be as accessible and responsive as possible.

Services for Potential Buyers – Helping buyers overcome issues like financing, insurance, transportation, inspections, or trade-ins makes it easier for them to pursue your boat as a serious purchase consideration. We eliminate the barriers to productive negotiation on our listings so that buyers can consider the offering more easily.

Trade-in Services – At Landmark Yacht Sales we can, and often do, purchase trade-ins from potential buyers who are unable to pursue your boat as their next purchase without first finding a home for their old boat. We eliminate slow turnaround or sale time by taking trades immediately and streamlining the process.

Secure Closing – As escrow agent, we facilitate a smooth, safe closing to make sure our clients are protected and receive clear funds and securely transfer ownership to the buyer.