At Landmark Yacht Sales, our primary goal is to provide the clients we represent with the knowledge and information they need to make a sound decision when purchasing a yacht. Whether a first-time boat owner, or experienced captain, we feel that every client benefits from having as much information as possible in order to strike the right balance between features, condition, and value, to find the perfect fit for their boating needs.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients successfully navigate the purchase process:

Clear Definition of Preferences and Criteria – A smart purchase starts with a clear and accurate understanding of your preferences and requirements for your next boat purchase. We can help sort through the options to establish the right criteria for the perfect boat.

Access to Inventory – In addition to our database of publicly listed inventory, we search high and low to find the right boat for your needs, including options that might not be publicly listed yet. Having access to more options gives you a better chance of finding the right one.

Thorough Market Analysis – It’s important to have a clear understanding of market conditions in order to make a sound value decision. Our thorough market analysis information helps our clients make sure that accurate values are being assigned to the options we’re considering.

Industry Contacts – Our reliable industry contacts for services like financing, insurance, and transportation help make sure the details are well taken care of for a smooth purchase once we find the right boat.

Inspection Guidance – An important part of every purchase is verification of vessel condition to our clients’ satisfaction. We can help arrange and coordinate thorough pre-purchase inspections with qualified technicians to make sure that all condition-related items are verified to complete satisfaction of our clients.

Smooth, Safe Closings – It’s our duty to ensure our clients’ interests are protected at closing, and that a smooth, safe transfer of funds and ownership documents takes place. Escrow, title, and documentation services are part of our commitment to all of our clients.

Post-Purchase Coordination – Often times the closing isn’t the end of the purchase process for our clients, with many requesting service or refit work, transportation, or outfitting with equipment or supplies. We’re happy to help, and with our network of contractors and vendors, can make sure that all of your post-purchase needs are met.